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In the early days of Newgrounds, there was a popular animator by the name of Nene. She had a reputation for creating lighthearted and humorous cartoons that were enjoyed by many. However, one day something strange happened to Nene. She became possessed by a malevolent entity known only as Convict.

At first, Nene didn't seem any different. She continued to make her usual cartoons, but there was a dark and unsettling energy to them now. Her once bright and colorful animations were now filled with blood, gore, and edgy themes. Her signature pink hair had turned a deep shade of black, and her once cheerful personality had been replaced by a cold and sinister demeanor.

As time went on, Nene's animations became more and more disturbing. They were filled with violent imagery, profanity, and a sense of dread that made viewers uncomfortable. Some even claimed that watching her cartoons made them feel physically ill.

But it wasn't just her animations that had changed. Nene's behavior had become erratic and unpredictable. She would lash out at her fans, leaving cruel comments on their posts and even blocking them from her page. Some even claimed to have received threatening messages from her.

Rumors began to circulate that Nene wasn't really in control of her own body, that she had become a vessel for Convict to carry out its twisted desires. Some claimed to have seen flashes of red in her eyes, a sign that the entity was still present within her.

Despite the rumors, many of Nene's fans remained loyal to her, convinced that she was still the same person deep down. But as time went on, it became harder and harder to deny the truth. Nene had become something else entirely, something dark and dangerous.

No one knows what became of Nene in the end. Some say that she disappeared from the internet completely, while others claim that she still lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike at unsuspecting victims. One thing is for sure, though: the Nene that we all knew and loved is gone, replaced by something far more sinister. > : )


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3 Hour Truce? 5 Points

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